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The high-performance KEG which is available from TRANO, who has rich experience to supply suitable STAINLESS STEEL KEGS and solution to clients

 When you select Trano you not only get a proven, consistent stainless steel kegs, but you also get professional, responsive customer support.
With over 27+Distributors and Importers stay with us, Trano is the most complete and trusted partner in the world!

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Application of stainless steel kegs

Be widely used for package and transportation for all kinds of beverage, water, beer etc… EURO/DIN standard keg, USA standard keg, CASK, Wine Barrel and Customized kegs are available.

  • Beer

  • Wine and sparkling wines

  • Cider

  • Water/Juice

  • Specialized in food containers

Reasons to choose Stainless Steel kegs

All kegs, casks, and containers are manufactured from 304 (1.4301) grade or 316-grade stainless steel, which meet American and European testing quality standards.

  • Safety guaranteed for food and beverages. Non-corrosive steel.

  • Extreme resistance compared to other materials

  • 100% UV resistant

  • 100% recyclable.

  • Save CO2

Testimonials of clients from all over the world!

I buy Trano S.S.Kegs and recommend to all my clients, the feedback is good. Trano does not only supply qualified stainless steel kegs, but also good service to me.


Thank you for your very professional and prompt response. In fact every cooperation is perfect so far. This is by far the most well-supported kegs producer and supplier I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Lots of wonderful options. Thanks again for the great support and for great stainless steel containers.

Luis Black

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